Our Classes

Silver Sneakers Classic 
A signature core class, using a variety of resistance tools to improve muscular strength and endurance.  The exercises target agility, balance, and coordination incorporating flexibility and stretching.    

Silver Sneakers Cardio ™ 
An advanced senior fitness class with 80 percent standing routines offering low-impact aerobic segments followed by a seated muscular strength workout and extended stretching cool-down.        

Silver Sneakers Chair Yoga™ 
A good fit for beginners and an equally attractive choice for advance members who know the benefits of flexibility training, relaxation to improve balance and joint full range of motion.               

​USA Boxing
Full Contact Olympic Style Boxing, performed in a regulation sized 24 foot, 4-rope ring - complete with a combination headgear, double-end, heavy and speed bags. Taught by World-Class Trainer: 

Choose between several styles such as: Vinyasa, Restorative, Power/Flow and Yin. From beginner to advanced taught by top Certified Instructors: 

It’s Time To Party! Founded in 2001 ZUMBA is the all-time “Dance-Fitness” sensation that started it all fusing fitness, entertainment and culture with exhilarating "fitness-parties" that blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow moves, for a total-body workout that feels like a celebration.  

Main Instructor(s): Adi , Yadi, Vinnie-Beth and Rosa


All of our standard memberships come with Complimentary Personal Training. We cover all the basics including nutritional counseling if you desire.  The best part is - these sessions can taken at any point of membership term. Cool?

As a beginner, your journey starts with a personal health assessment with a qualified trainer to inventory your ability to begin a vigorous program designed to improve your endurance and stamina.  Based on that information we design a unique routine that will target all your major muscles while working around any limitations you provided.

​We believe in barbells and dumbbells, Why?  Because everything outside the gym doors is a "free-weight".  Only free-weights can provide the same resistance as the "real-world",  which challenge your balance, endurance and strength.

This all starts - when YOU decide - to get it done!

We developed a Progressive Variable Resistance 4-Phase Program designed to take a person all the way through heart and lung conditioning to increase their peripheral blood-flow while increasing over-all  total-body muscular endurance and strength.  

In most cases this can only be accomplished on our equipment designed to eliminate your bodys' advantage of being able to handle more weight as the limb lengthens.  What?!?  

Okay let's take a simple exercise like a bench press.  I bet you can hold more weight with your arms straight than with them bent. Right?  Of course yes. Why?  It's simple.

Think of a walking cane.  Can a bent one hold more weight that a straight one?  No.  There - got it -good.

               We are here to help!

We also recently added a Nu_Step machine for those who need to continue with their Post-Therapy Exercise Program

Personal Training

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Weight Lifting Workouts

Start Training Today

Whether your goal is to build strength, increase flexibility, or lose a few unwanted pounds, it begins with the decision to change your lifestyle, and it should begin today. 

Hello - Make the commitment  to be a more healthier you. We'll be your partner every step (or plank or squat thrust) of the way.

​We are a "Classic" iron gym and proud of it!  Our staff of highly educated, experienced and talented instructors have something to offer practically everyone!  Plus, we have the only single-level stand-alone facility with the most parking spaces.

Exercise is harder than work - need proof.  Ok.

We all know people who have hard construction jobs; brick-layers, landscapers, painters and roofers. They go to their jobs everyday and kick butt!  They come home tired and require rest and recuperation.  Next day; they do it all over again!

Personally I've never seen anyone who can "exercise" all-day.  Boom.  Case closed.

A laborer uses tricks-of-the-trade, leverage, and momentum  and their body-mind has learned to adapt, compensate and to endure a daily routine.

In most cases, the whole purpose of weight training is to achieve "momentary muscle failure".  

Key Word: Muscle Failure.  

When you hit muscle failure during exercise,...       it is impossible to continue!!!

Thats just a small sample of what you could learn about lifting iron - it's like magic with proven results.

Everybody is different - we know that - that's why a home remedy without the education and instruction is futile and not the most effective use of your time.

Don't take any of this wrong:
We Do Not Claim To Know Everything -

There's ALWAYS something new to learn and we are constantly amazed at all the new fascinating and unique exercise modalities out there - people are incredible but,..
 To this very day free-weights still and probably will always rule.

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